About Us

We started this site to make our impact on the world. We have decided that we would like to offer earth friendly products to you.  There are so many ways to make a small change in the world. Be it by buying quality clothing from manufacturers that pay a fair wage or buying items that are safer for our world. There are companies that use safe dyes, organic fabric, purchase trees to offset some of their manufacturing. Some make their mark by being a zero waste company, reduce energy, recycle within. There are options as a consumer to make a small change by producing less waste, recycling more, composting, gardening, reusing, up-cycling, reselling, going organic, shopping locally.  This site will try to make doing this easier.This is a journey.  I wish everything I sell would be from the USA but in reality, it may not.  We as a country have gotten away from Made in America.  I will try to bring back that feeling of pride when purchasing something made by a fellow American. Please don't hesitate to email us with suggestions of items we could carry to make your life easier.